Selected Commissioned Work
by Gabriel Kanulf (i)

Poster for an event hosted by Kungl. Konsthögskolan / the Royal Institute of Art at the 2018 Venice Biennale in the Nordic Research Pavilion themed The Utopia of Access.

Artistic research projects providing entries into wider notions of open access. Writer and researcher Mara Lee elaborates on ways to imagine agency and accountability through the inscription of desire. PhD candidate Emanuel Almborg screens Talking Hands, a film about pedagogy at the Zagorsk school for deaf-blind children, and PhD candidate Maria Chehonadskih lectures communist individuation in Soviet Marxism and beyond.
Through Desire and Touch          
Royal Institute of Art, Sweden

Texts by Fredrik Ehlin,
Mara Lee, Emanuel Almborg
and Maria Chehonadskih

Language: English

Made in collaboration with Andrejs Ljunggren


In and Through Desire and Touch Poster